Friday, March 29, 2013

Living Quarters

After Porto Venere, we were back in the busses for a 90 minute drive to our hotel.  We're staying in the quite lovely and modern Hotel Tamerici, located in a busy downtown area of Montecatini Terme.  And I believe that "terme" means "area", so I might have just been redundant.  Anyway, the only activity the rest of the day was our first meal as a group in the hotel.  After going around and around with the hotel clerks, we were finally able to establish a WiFi connection, so at the very least, we should be able to bring you updates at the end of each day's adventures, at least for the three nights we stay here.

Tomorrow, we travel to Florence (Firenze over here) for more sightseeing and our first performance.  Well, "our" first performance is a little generous.  The students will be singing beautifully.  I'll be doing something like this:


  1. Matt- these posts are great; thanks so much.
    -Christine Borton Loewen

  2. Wish we were with you all! your posts are helping us feel a little bit like we are there too. Thanks Matt!

    -Gwen Zak McDowell