Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Pisa Pictures

We've got our pictures of Lucca coming up, but since it was an earlier day for us than usual, Mr. Potchen was able to deliver some of his pictures from today early, so you get them first.  The commentary comes from us, not him.
 Lots of street vendors offered souvenirs, mostly trinkets and handbags
 Yep, still leaning.
These two pictures are taken in the upper level of the Baptistry of St. John, the third major building in the square along with the Cathedral and the Leaning Tower.  It's a large round building that's said to be acoustically perfect.  It also took more than two hundred years to construct, and a lot of people believe that its amazing acoustics happened by accident.  Tourists are supposed to be silent inside, and every so often, someone comes in to sing a few notes straight up into the large open area so we can experience the astounding reverberating sound.  You'll be able to see an example on the video we're also putting together.
This is inside the Cathedral.  I said earlier we weren't supposed to take pictures, buy Mr. Potchen didn't know that.  So shh!  Don't tell anybody!

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