Sunday, March 31, 2013


After that far-too-early wake-up call we told you about yesterday, we loaded the buses at 8am and headed off to Pisa.  You know, the one with the tower.  Many of us attended mass in the adjacent cathedral (no pictures allowed, sorry!) the rest of the morning was taken up with more sightseeing, shopping from streetside souvenir vendors, and lunch.
Happy campers.  Or busers anyway.
As in Florence, the buses weren't allowed too close to the area, so we had to walk a few blocks to get to our destination, passing street vendors and some aggressive in-your-face salesmen along the way.
Our tour guide Siriki is becoming quite popular.
Sure enough.  It leans!

Anybody can look like they're holding up the Leaning Tower.  DJ is holding up the tiny, tiny walls of the cathedral!  (Actually, he's doing the classic Leaning Tower pose for another camera.)
From the proper angle, it appears as though the tower is just about to topple down right on top of you.  Hasn't happened yet.
Dozens of cameras.  Millions of shots.
 Dedication to getting the right shot.
Some choir members are really happy to have a parent on the trip with them.
Even though there were dozens of available restaurants, a lot of us ended up at this same pizzeria.  I'm told there was a cute waiter.

Lucca next!

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