Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guiding Hands

Here are some of the people who got us where we needed to be.

 Ciaran, Sevilay and Siriki, our tour guides all week

 Our bus drivers

Chaperones and various other hangers-on

Fearless Leader and friend

We leave for the airport tomorrow morning at 7am (it's just after midnight now).  The United flight with the smaller group of us leaves Rome airport at 10:50 and routes through Washington DC on its way to Detroit, arriving just before 7pm.  The Delta flight with the larger group leaves Rome at 10:35 and stops for a layover in Amsterdam before continuing to Detroit and a scheduled 7:45 landing.  If we can, we'll try one more blog entry from Amsterdam, plus a final one in Detroit with information about our return to Okemos.  As much fun as we've had all week, it will be nice to be home.

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  1. For those at home who like to track flights online, note that the flight numbers are different than the ones in the Agenda - Flight - Hotel Information document we were given.

    The United group will be on UA967 from Rome to Washington DC, not UA 43. The Delta group will be on DL 9448 from Rome to Amsterdam, not DL 1598.

    The connecting flights to Detroit remain the same: UA 5734 and DL 249.

    You can set up text message or e-mail alerts at