Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Vatican

Today was our busiest of the trip, covering as much of Rome as we possibly could in one short day.  We're all very tired after all of this, so explanation will be kept to a minimum as we just show you some pictures, starting with our tour of the Vatican.  The Sistine Chapel was off-limits to photographs, but we managed to take pictures of just about everything else.
Monday after Easter is a holiday around here, so tourists were making up for lost time and the Vatican was even more crowded than usual.

 The group from Bus Two

 The gang from Bus Three Wwe didn't happen to run across Bus One on this part of the trip.)

 Our tour guide, a specialist at the Vatican, gave us a lot of background about the works of art (especially the Sistine frescoes) before we went inside to see them for ourselves.

 Just about every room had impressive artwork on the ceiling, not just the Sistine Chapel.

 Every main room was very crowded.

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